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[texts]Practical guide to homoeoopathy : for family and private use - A.F. Worthington & Co
Compiled by A.F. Worthington & Co
Keywords: Homeopathy; Homeopathy
Downloads: 278
[texts]Essentials of medical electricity for medical students and nurses - Abbott, George Knapp, b. 1880
"Questions for review" at ends of chapters
Keywords: Electrotherapeutics; Electrotherapeutics; Electrodiagnosis; Electrodiagnosis; Electric Stimulation Therapy
Downloads: 188
[texts]Sight and touch : an attempt to disprove the received (or Berkeleian) theory of vision - Abbott, Thomas Kingsmill, 1829-1913
Includes bibliographic references
Keywords: Visual perception; Visual Perception
Downloads: 108
[texts]Bibliographie der gesamten wissenschaftlichen literatur über den alkohol und den alkoholismus ... - Abderhalden, Emil, 1877-1950, ed
Closely classified; without author index. Each section compiled by a specialist
Keywords: Alcohol; Alcoholism; Classification; Alcoholism
Downloads: 692
[texts]Pathological and practical researches on diseases of the brain and the spinal cord - Abercrombie, John, 1780-1844

Keywords: Brain; Spinal Cord; Brain; Spinal cord
Downloads: 95
[texts]A probationary chirurgical essay on paralysis of the lower extremities from diseased spine : submitted, by the authority of the president and his council, to the examination of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, when candidate for admission into their corporation, in conformity to their regulations respecting the admission of ordinary members - Abercrombie, John, 1780-1844

Keywords: Paralysis; Spine; Paralysis; Spinal Diseases
Downloads: 79
[texts]Surgical observations : containing a classification of tumours, with cases to illustrate the history of each species : an account of diseases which strikingly resemble the venereal disease : and various cases illustrative of different surgical subjects - Abernethy, John, 1764-1831

Keywords: Syphilis; Tumors; Surgery; Syphilis; Neoplasms; General Surgery
Downloads: 75
[texts]Surgical observations on tumours, and on lumbar abscesses - Abernethy, John, 1764-1831

Keywords: Surgery; Tumors; Abscess; Head; Head; Craniocerebral Trauma; Neoplasms; Abscess; Lumbosacral Region
Downloads: 90
[texts]Surgical observations, part the second : containing an account of the disorders of the health in general, and of the digestive organs in particular, which accompany local diseases, and obstruct their cure : observations on diseases of the urethra, particularly of that part which is surrounded by the prostate gland : and observations relative to the treatment of one species of the naevi materni - Abernethy, John, 1764-1831
Includes bibliographical references
Keywords: Surgery; Surgical Procedures, Operative
Downloads: 115
[texts]Surgical observations on diseases resembling syphilis : and on diseases of the urethra - Abernethy, John, 1764-1831

Keywords: Syphilis; Urethra; Sexually transmitted diseases; Syphilis; Urethral Diseases; Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Downloads: 94
[texts]Surgical observations on tumours, and on lumbar abscesses - Abernethy, John, 1764-1831

Keywords: Surgery; Tumors; Abscess; Head; Head; Craniocerebral Trauma; Neoplasms; Abscess
Downloads: 108
[texts]Lectures on anatomy, surgery, and pathology : including observations on the nature and treatment of local diseases - Abernethy, John, 1764-1831
Includes index
Keywords: General Surgery; Pathology; Anatomy; Anatomy; Surgery; Pathology
Downloads: 244
[texts]A practical treatise on the use and application of chemical tests : with concise directions for analyzing metallic ores, earths, metals, soils, manures, and mineral waters - Accum, Friedrich Christian, 1769-1838
Title vignette
Keywords: Chemical tests and reagents; Chemistry
Downloads: 119
[texts]Dottrina teorico-pratica del morbo petecchiale : con nuove ricerche intorno l'origine, l'indole, le cagioni predisponenti ed effettrici, la cura e la preservazione del morbo medesimo in particolare, e degli altri contagi in generale - Acerbi, Francesco Enrico, 1785-1827
Includes bibliographical references
Keywords: Smallpox; Smallpox
Downloads: 505
[texts]Über die Kretinen, eine besondre Menschenabart in den Alpen : mit Kupfern - Ackermann, Jacob Fidelis, 1765-1815
At head of title: J.F. Ackermann ..
Keywords: Cretinism; Congenital Hypothyroidism
Downloads: 138
[texts]Trattato di Christoforo Acosta Africano medico, & chirurgo della historia, natura, et virtu delle droghe medicinali, & altri semplici rarissimi, che vengono portati dalle Indie Orientali in Europa : con le figures delle piante ritratte, & disegnate dal viuo poste a' luoghi proprij ; nuouamente recato dalla Spagnuola nella nostra lingua .. - Acosta, Cristóbal, ca. 1515-ca. 1592
Date precedes printer's name in imprint
Keywords: Botany, Medical; Plants, Medicinal
Downloads: 321
[texts]Heelkundige waarneemingen, aangetekend in het Koninglyke hospitaal te Stockholm : en op bevel van deszelfs directeuren uit het dagregister by een verzameld en uitgegeeven - Acrel, Olaus
Translation of Chirurgiske händelser
Keywords: Surgery; Medicine; Surgical Procedures, Operative
Downloads: 241
[texts]A treatise on hernia, explaining its varieties, situation, symptoms, and causes : to which is added a full description of the construction and application of the most approved mechanical remedies - Acret, G. S

Keywords: Hernia; Trusses (Surgery); Hernia; Trusses
Downloads: 132
[texts]Prostitution considered in its moral, social, and sanitary aspects, in London and other large cities and garrison towns : with proposals for the control and prevention of its attendant evils - Acton, William, 1813-1875
Includes index
Keywords: Prostitution; Sexually transmitted diseases; Prostitution; Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Downloads: 343
[texts]The druggists' annual for 1882 : a book of reference, containing valuable statistics of imports, exports, production and consumption of drugs, chemicals, oils, etc. : also average prices for a series of years : together with valuable chemical and other tables and a full list of all the patents granted during the year 1881, to promote the several trades represented - Adam, H. G

Keywords: Drugs; Pharmaceutical Preparations
Downloads: 370
[texts]Medical contributions to the study of evolution - Adami, J. George (John George), 1862-1926
Appendix I, p. 351-353: Experiments with B. typhosus re adaption, by F.B. Bowman
Keywords: Evolution; Adaption (Biology); Pathology; Heredity; Tumors; Biological Evolution; Pathology; Heredity
Downloads: 218
[texts]A text-book of pathology for students of medicine - Adami, J. George (John George), 1862-1926
Includes index
Keywords: Pathology; Pathology
Downloads: 286
[texts]The medical and agricultural register (Volume v.1 (1806-1807)) - Adams, Daniel, 1773-1864
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 1; title from caption
Keywords: Medicine
Downloads: 162
[texts]An essay on electricity : in which the theory and practice of that useful science, are illustrated by a variety of experiments, arranged in a methodical manner : to which is added, An essay on magnetism - Adams, George, 1750-1795
Head and tail pieces
Keywords: Electricity; Magnetism; Electricity
Downloads: 157
[texts]An essay on electricity : explaining the theory and practice of that useful science; and the mode of applying it to medical purposes ; with An essay on magnetism - Adams, George, 1750-1795
Signatures: [pi]1, A, B-Ii(Ii8 blank?, [pi]1 engraved)
Keywords: Electricity; Magnetism; Electrotherapeutics; Electricity
Downloads: 198
[texts]An essay on electricity : explaining the theory and practice of that useful science : and the mode of applying it to medical purposes : with an essay on magnetism - Adams, George, 1750-1795
Title vignette
Keywords: Electricity; Electricity
Downloads: 185
[texts]The anatomy and diseases of the prostate gland - Adams, John, 1806-1877
Garrison-Morton (5th ed.):
Keywords: Prostatic Diseases; Prostate; Prostate; Prostate
Downloads: 141
[texts]A practical guide to homeopathic treatment : designed and arranged for the use of families, prescribers of limited experience and students of homeopathy - Adams, Myron H., 1846-
Includes index
Keywords: Homeopathy; Homeopathy
Downloads: 2,587
[texts]The great American fraud : Articles on the nostrum evil and quacks, in two series, reprinted from Collier's weekly - Adams, Samuel Hopkins, 1871-1958

Keywords: Quacks and quackery; Patent medicines; Quackery; Nostrums
Downloads: 405
[texts]Witch, warlock, and magician : historical sketches of magic and witchcraft in England and Scotland - Adams, W. H. Davenport (William Henry Davenport), 1828-1891
Includes bibliographical references
Keywords: Magic; Witchcraft; Occultism
Downloads: 616
[texts]The Isle of Wight : its history, topography and antiquities : with notes upon its principal seats, churches, manoral houses, legendary and poetical associations, geology and picturesque localities ... - Adams, W. H. Davenport (William Henry Davenport), 1828-1891
Contains bibliographical references and index
Downloads: 733
[texts]A sketch of the principles and practice of subcutaneous surgery : being the oration delivered before the Medical Society of London at their eighty-fourth anniversary, March 9, 1857 - Adams, William, 1820-1900
"Published at the request of the society."
Keywords: Wounds and Injuries; Inflammation; Wounds and injuries
Downloads: 192
[texts]Lectures on the pathology and treatment of lateral and other forms of curvature of the spine - Adams, William, 1820?-1900
Delivered at the Grosvenor Place School of Medicine in the session 1860-61
Keywords: Scoliosis; Lordosis; Kyphosis; Scoliosis
Downloads: 147
[texts]On contractions of the fingers (Dupuytren's and congenital contractions) and on "hammer-toe" - Adams, William, 1820?-1900
1st ed. has title: Observations on contraction of the fingers (Dupuytren's contraction) and its successful treatment by subcutaneous divisions of the palmar fascia, and immediate extension
Keywords: Hammer Toe Syndrome; Dupuytren Contracture; Dupuytren's contracture; Hammertoe
Downloads: 159
[texts]A new operation for bony anchylosis of the hip joint with malposition of the limb by subcutaneous division of the neck of the thigh-bone - Adams, William, 1820?-1900
Reprinted from the British medical journal, 1870, v. 2; 1871, v. 1
Keywords: Ankylosis; Hip Joint; Hip joint; Surgery, Operative
Downloads: 95
[texts]Cell therapeutics - Addison, William, 1802-1881
Includes bibliographical references
Keywords: Immune response; Inflammation; Immunity; Inflammation
Downloads: 101
[texts]Practical X ray work - Addyman, Frank Thornton
Includes index
Keywords: X-rays; X-Rays
Downloads: 201
[texts]Physiologie de l'homme (Volume v. 2) - Adelon, Nicolas Philibert, 1782-1862

Keywords: Physiology
Downloads: 189
[texts]Physiologie de l'homme (Volume v. 3) - Adelon, Nicolas Philibert, 1782-1862

Keywords: Physiology
Downloads: 165
[texts]Physiologie de l'homme (Volume v. 1) - Adelon, Nicolas Philibert, 1782-1862

Keywords: Physiology
Downloads: 177
[texts]Physiologie de l'homme (Volume v. 4) - Adelon, Nicolas Philibert, 1782-1862

Keywords: Physiology
Downloads: 134
[texts]Des méningites microbiennes - Adenot, Et
Issued also as thesis, Univ. de Lyon
Keywords: Meningitis; Meningitis
Downloads: 172
[texts]Histoire des diables modernes - Adolphus, Joy
Tail piece; initials
Keywords: Demoniac possession; Demonology; Occultism
Downloads: 222
[texts]Geburtshülfe und Gynäkologie bei Aëtios von Amida (Buch 16 der Sammlung) : Ein Lehrbuch aus der Mitte des 6. Jahrhunderts n. Chr. nach den Codices in der Kgl. Bibliothek zu Berlin (besonders den Sammlungen C. Weigels) - Aetius, of Amida

Keywords: Gynecology; Gynecology; Obstetrics; Obstetrics
Downloads: 311
[texts]Novo methodo de partejar, recopilado dos mais famigerados, e sabios authores - Affonso, Manoel Jozé

Keywords: Obstetrics
Downloads: 168
[texts]The structure of animal life : six lectures delivered at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in January and February, 1862 - Agassiz, Louis, 1807-1873
Running title: Religion and natural history
Keywords: Morphology (Animals); Evolution; Evolution
Downloads: 140
[texts]A journey in Brazil - Agassiz, Louis, 1807-1873

Keywords: Thayer Expedition (1865-1866); Personal Narratives; Geology; Geology
Downloads: 196
[texts]From under the cloud; or, personal reminiscences of insanity - Agnew, Anna

Keywords: Indiana. Hospital for insane, Indianapolis; Mental illness
Downloads: 129
[texts]Practical anatomy : anew arrangement of the London dissector : with numerous modification and additions, containing a concise description of the muscles, bloodvessels, nerves, viscera, and ligaments of the human body as they appear on dissection : with illustrations - Agnew, D. Hayes (David Hayes), 1818-1892
Includes index
Keywords: Human anatomy; Anatomy; Human dissection; Dissection
Downloads: 106
[texts]The principles and practice of surgery : being a treatise on surgical diseases and injuries (Volume v.1) - Agnew, D. Hayes (David Hayes), 1818-1892
Includes bibliographical references and index
Keywords: Surgery; Surgical Procedures, Operative
Downloads: 163
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